• Project: Day dreaming or reality?
    • Our belief: The problem with software is that ANYTHING can be done! Add a little hardware and you can really make things happen.
      We have had many years of experience working with creative and imaginative people from a variety of industries/fields, who like to tackle problems and create effective solutions. Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: Automation/Optimization and finance
    • Our belief: Through it's research in the areas of Optimization and Artificial intelligence, ZLabs can uniquely offer intelligent solutions to complex problems. Solutions include having : doubled production by tweaking manufacturing processes and adding sensors to identifying optimum index based portfolio returns.
      Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: Central Monitoring and Control System
    • Client: SIMCO
    • Description: ZLabs was asked to create an intuitive way to monitor and control hundreds of devices on the manufacturing floor. Working closely with their engineering team we created an industry leading solution that simplified monitoring, encapsulated complexity, improved performance and influence future design. Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: Multi market back office integration
    • Client: Alpha Bank
    • Description: One of Europe largest banks needed to integrate their Athens stock exchange floor system with it's Manhattan subsidiary Alpha Finance to provide pricing and execution data. Zlabs later also integrated Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Cyprus. Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: Financial Planning
    • Client: Unger Software
    • Description:When Unger Software wanted to create cutting a edge financial planning software system called Methuselah, they turn to Zahara Labs for help. Together we produced a top tier application used by such industry giants as AXA, Smith Barney, Janney Montgomery Scott and others.
      Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: Process Optimization
    • Client:Keith Clark, At-A-Glance
    • Description: Keith Clark needed to increase the production of its calendars. They were contemplating double production by doubling the staff and equipment, when they asked ZLabs to do a productivity study. ZLabs was able to double production using the same staff by optimizing the process and including intelligent sensors and software. Have an idea? We can help.
    • Project: CRM integeration
    • Description: Customer relationship management is an integral part of every company. Many times it is under utilized. We integrate CRM with billing, inventory management and the web. Have an idea? We can help.